C2 Communications


We seek talent, you seek a stage.
Together let’s create, communicate.

At C2 Comms, we are no partisans of the ordinary.
We embrace newness in the best of opportunities like we do when it comes to welcoming like-minded potential.

Meet Mr. Potato Boss. He’s progressive, witty, and a skin-full of ideas. But more importantly, he has a keen eye for talent.
You impress him, you impress us. How you do that depends on what your interests are.

For the CREATIVE DESK, design or write a story about Mr. Potato Boss;

For DIGITAL & TECHNOLOGY, create engaging social content or a 3D profile model of Mr. Potato;

For ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, create a strategic market profile for Mr. Potato.

Role Categories

Account Management
Learn the nitty-gritties of the business world; how to build, maintain and nurture clientele relationships for effective business growth.
Social and Digital
Learn how to turn a brilliant idea into a million impressions, and optimize brand reach through social media marketing strategies and digital campaigns.
Let your imagination run riot. Discover the art of designing and crafting copy in the advertising world. Think new. Think bold. Think different.
Learn Coding, Software Development, Programming, After Effects, 3D Modelling and explore a world of innovation in technology.

Selection Criteria


Current undergraduate or graduate student
Enrolled at an accredited university in U.A.E.
Recent graduates (within 2 years)

Merit Measurement

Internship Objective
Academic Achievement
Relevant Skills and Experiences
The authenticity of Application Materials
Aligned Interests with Company Projects

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